Tips for Choosing and Wearing Men's Dress Socks


Not very many men enjoy stepping out to shop for socks. The reluctance can lead to socks shortage in one's wardrobe. However, you can subscribe to a consistent supply of power socks, with a pair or pairs of your own choosing being shipped to your doorsteps each month. And if you're a fun of colorful socks for men, your imagination is the only limit as you seek to select the best design. Here are some tips for selecting and wearing cool socks for men...

You May Clash, But No Distastefully So

Choose a color that can be traced in some element of your other wear or features similar undertones (either warm or cool). This means that while the colors may clash, it won't obnoxiously so! And if you want the sock clashing entirely, make sure it looks intentional by ascertaining that their color does not go back to any aspect of your outfit.

Choose a "Mature" Motif

Anything that does not seem "grown up" should be avoided. For example, Christmas trees and beer mugs are not the ideal motifs to have printed on your funky socks . Avoid something gimmicky, and if you like patterns, traditional dots or stripes can do the trick.

Figure Out How Much Sock to Expose

Certainly, wearing cool socks can proclaim a fashion statement that's true to your individual style and tastes. So, part of your colorful socks should be seen on purpose. If you expose too much ankle, you may end up looking like a clown. But if not enough ankle is shown, you'll have wasted a great pair of fancy socks. You may want to wear your socks with a pair of trouser skimming the top of your shoes when you're standing.

Keep Your Socks in Great Condition

If you need to wear socks that turn heads toward you as you walk or sit, make sure they're in great shape. Lose any socks with worn out heels. If your toe sticks out of your socks, the pair has outlived its usefulness.

Try Different Designs

Your subscription to a sock of the month club can include various designs. This way, you'll avoid monotony in your wardrobe. Just seek to look different with each pair you wear.

As such, mens funky socks can make a unique fashion statement if worn appropriately. Hopefully, the above guidelines can help with the enriching of your wardrobe with power socks!